Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Just When I Thought...

Just when I thought our $8,000 credit card could not be paid off this year, God provided an opportunity to do that. He has used it through a means I had no idea even existed. I have been trying to get a part-time - VERY part-time - job for awhile now to help get us on the further road to financial freedom. I have finally found it. I am working as an executive assistant to a friend of mine who is starting a project management company.
Also, just when I thought we would be struggling to get through each month due to my husband's hours being cut back in his contract, God provides not only basically full-time hours but also a lucrative second contract on a part-time basis. What a great blessing.l
All of that being said, what do I want to do? SPEND IT! I just said I wanted to use it to pay off our debt but the little voice is telling me to buy a bigger house - spend more money. Wow, will that ever stop?

I want to talk briefly about the category re-organization. It truly has only been a few weeks but I think it is going well for me. I like having all of the bills that we have to take care of between pay checks clearly separated. It is amazing how making little changes can make such a big difference. I can see all of the little boxes that I have to fill in between checks and make sure they are paid.

How do you organize your finances? Pen & paper? Spreadsheet? The seat of your pant? :)

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