Monday, September 16, 2013

Impossible... Or Not!

I was reading today on my friend Stephanie Warnock's blog - and she has a post about contentment.

I started to journal  about that and I ended up thinking about how it feels impossible for us to be out of debt. That lead me to the story of Mary and Gabriel in Luke 1:37. That verse reminds me that nothing is impossible with God - even our finances.

You see, I want everything NOW. I hate the word process! I don't want this to be a process, I want it to be instant. I want instant gratification - just like when I spent the money. That is not how this works though. It is a process. It is learning discipline - another word I do not like. 

We will go through this though. We will get through it. We will be debt free... Someday.

Here's to the process... Sigh!

1 comment:

  1. Just keep on going through the's like losing weight. It's not just about counting calories, it's about changing your whole lifestyle.